Thursday, July 24, 2008

My New Addiction!

I have a new addiction. It is so unbelievably bad. My house is a disaster, my kids are running wild, my husband is abandoned. My dinner has consisted of rice crackers and Diet Pepsi for the past week. The dogs are sadly neglected and the cats have been ignored. My addiction is also catching. I’ve given it to my girlfriend ,“C”. We sneak out to the gym to fulfill our addiction. Exercise, schmexercise, we’re being slaves to our addiction. Our husbands miss us. It’s insanity.

No, we’re not sneaking out doing anything horrendous. We’re reading. Yes, that’s right, we’re dorks. I had a girls’ night out the other night and the topic turned to books. Several ladies were chatting about this fantastic series they were reading. Now, being the book aficionado I am (and yes, that translates into dork), I had to know what these ladies were raving about. “Twilight”. At first I heard “romance” and that about threw me off…..I don’t do mush. Then I heard, “Vampire” and that (excuse the lame pun) sucked me in. That is soooooo my type of book!

And so began my addiction. I took a minute Saturday to head over to the bookstore. I found “Twilight” by Stephenie (yes, that’s how it’s spelled) Meyer. At the checkout, the lady behind the counter asked me, “Would you like to sign up for our book club and save 10%”. My reply, “No, I don’t buy very many new books”. *Sigh* If only I had known how bad the addiction would be. I could’ve saved a ton of mula. I headed home, and decided, “Nah, laundry can wait, I’ll read for a few minutes”. Famous last words; three hours later…I was still reading. I was hooked. Made a fancy dinner consisting of fish sticks and cottage cheese, kept reading. Read all afternoon…all night…and finished the book by Sunday morning. Alluring vampires, danger, romance, and teenage angst….could it get any better?

I was so enamored with this book, I knew I had to share it. Within 5 minutes of finishing it, I headed over to “C’s” house. Her husband thought I was nutty, he couldn’t believe I read the whole book in less than a day. Oh, if only he knew how bad it would get.

Rushed BACK to the bookstore, and bought the second one, “New Moon”. Same checkout lady. Gave me a funny look. And no, I still didn’t sign up for the 10% club. Read, read, read. Went to the gym, read for an hour while walking on the treadmill, then since I was at a good part, did the bike for 30 minutes. “C” was next to me on the treadmill reading the first book, “Twilight”. Ah, two dorks completely obsessed ;) Headed home and read the book while at the stoplight (no joke). Finished it Monday morning. Tried to convince myself I could wait for the next book. It didn’t work, all I could think about was the next “hit”.

Headed BACK to the same bookstore. Now the checkout lady is looking a bit smug. I brace myself for the “You could have saved” lecture. Thankfully my 4 year old was so amazingly loud, she was distracted. Made off with my purchase of “Eclipse” and headed home. Like a true addict, I tried to draw it out. I promised myself, “Just a few chapters”. I will get laundry done today (since now it’s piled up to my closet ceiling). I called “C” to see how her laundry was going…..she was faring no better. We agreed to meet at the gym “to work out”. Yes, we did exercise, but we also read obsessively the entire time. I even made her go an extra 10 minutes so I could get through my chapter! And now I’m done. I’m a freak. I’m jittery knowing that another book doesn’t come out until August 2. How will I survive?? *Ugh* I guess I’ll have to go get that laundry done…until the next book comes out….then I’ll fall off the wagon ;)


Melany said...

Dre! You are cracking me up! I am, of course, heading to the bookstore to pick up Twilight. How was the book that came out on the 2nd?

Stacie said...

lol...I hate that there is such a gap like that in between. Not just on her books but a trilogy I am reading by Nora Roberts...

I read about 3-4 books in between if not more.