Saturday, January 26, 2008

Heart Strings

I have recentely blogged about my frustration with my children (we've all been there). In light of that fact, I wanted to post a story to remind me (and you) why we do what we do. Watch out, this one will tug your heart strings.

I took the rugrats to McDonalds the other day. They like to play at the play place. There were a ton of kids running amuck, it was very busy. One little girl caught my eye. She was a tiny thing, probably only about 2. She had very little hair, a fact most of the other kids noticed, she looked different. She had Down’s Syndrome. Kids can be cruel. I always try to impress upon my own kids that it’s never okay to make fun of someone for being different, ever. Some of the kids (not my own), were giggling at the little girl (who laughed along with them). There were a few kids that were teasing her, and it tore at my heart . My 6 year old, watched all of this from our seat. Without a word, she got up and went to play. She played for awhile, and no doubt noticed the other kids being cruel. She bent down and said something to the little girl, and the little girl smiled, she then got up, walked over to the little girl’s mom and says, “You have a beautiful daughter”. It brings tears to my eyes. The mom smiled and said, “Thank you honey, you’re a beautiful little girl too”. Kylie said, “Thank you”, smiled and went on her way. I have no doubt that that was exactly what the mom needed. And for me, it reminded me that while so many times I feel like I’m not being a good mother, I must be doing something right to raise such a kind hearted little girl.

Now go grab your kleenex ;)


Friday, January 25, 2008

Crankiness Abounds....

I know I've whined about my children's sleep habits in a previous blog, but why oh why is my boy such a nightmare to get to bed? Does he feel it's his duty as a future man in training to stress out the women in his life? Is it because I ate to many Girl Scout cookies while he was in utero and therefor creating a permanent sugar high in his energetic little body? Does he possibly think that his boring stay-at-home mother needs a little practice in anger management (of which I fail miserably)? I don't know. All I know is that my sweet little 3 year old knows how to turn this mom into a cranky, red-faced, temper tantrum throwing mommy. I try to be calm. I try to rationalize with him (yeah, three year olds are not conducive to rationalizing). I read countless books (many of which involve how wonderful it is to go to sleep!). I sing to him (including songs which I have to make up off the top of my head "Mom, sing the song about the monster fire truck"). I take away privileges when he's out of control. I hug him, I kiss him. I try to be a good mom. So why do I feel like such a failure??? WHY CAN'T I GET HIM TO BED????

My girls are easy. Brush teeth, read book, sing songs...bed. Done. *Sigh* Someday I'll show him this blog. I love my little man, as challenging as he is, I still love him.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cabin Fever

Okay, so having been stuck in the house since Monday, I could see how ye' old pioneers would go crazy and eat their children. So I'd never eat my kids (they're a bit on the scrawny side, that and they're puking at the moment…ewww), I absolutely am going nuts! You'd think being stuck at home for three days straight, I'd get a lot accomplished. Not so. Inactivity breeds boredom. I find myself dabbling in new bath and body recipes (hmm…what happens when I add massive amounts of bubbling powder to massive amounts of cocoa butter (for the record, gross, don't do it)! I've spent unbelievable amounts of time on the computer (I'll pretend it was for work, but let's just say I caught up on about 1000 emails). That's productive right? I'm still trying to figure out who the person is that keeps trying to chat with me on Yahoo. They're very persistent…but I don't know who they are, LOL. It's gotta be someone I know, but I don't recognize the name, so I refuse to chat…but I don't want to be mean and deny them…so I just close the window…and it will inevitably pop back up, LOL. A little game to amuse me in my time of need.

And heaven forbid anyone call me…I'll talk your frickin' ear off, LOL. Serious. Don't call unless you have two hours to kill. I've probably taken 20 bubble baths (see, I was productive, I mastered my bubble bath bombs and I'm probably the cleanest chick for 20 miles!). I caught up on my celebrity gossip (it's exhausting trying to figure out who's in rehab this month!). In short, my week so far has been a complete loss. I'm debating a wild and crazy happy hour Friday to make up for my week of boredom (except that my favorite happy hour enabler has company in town….crap). Now what do I do? Maybe I'll go by myself, LOL. Yipee…happy hour for one. See, I told you I have cabin fever, I'm delirious!

What the hell did the pioneers do? No email, no phone, no bubble baths, no happy hour? OMG! No wonder they snacked on their children. I bet it would've been a different world if they had had bubble powder and cocoa butter to amuse them. Then again, they may have just washed and moisturized their children before eating them ;)

I know you are just so exhilarated to have wasted a good 15 minutes of your life reading my rambling and quite pointless blog. Go take a bubble bath, it'll cheer ya up.

D (who promises not to eat her children)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Complexities Of Sleep

I can fall asleep in my bed. That’s it. Stick me on the couch and I’ll toss and turn. Fall asleep in my chair, never. One little snore from the hubby, I’m up for the night. Now the boy…that’s a different story. I woke up this morning to find my darling three year old asleep. Wonderful, right? No. He’s sleeping (no joke) on the TOP step . His little body is just the perfect size and fits one stair length amazingly well. He was sound asleep. I can’t even begin to recount how many near heart attacks I’ve had from the boy. When you’re expecting them to be sleeping in their bed (you know you tucked them in!) and they’re not there…..eek! This week Caeden’s sleeping spot of choice is (drum roll please) UNDER his bed. Sunday night I did a “where the hell did he go?” search and was starting to get a little panicky! I finally turned off all the fans and just stood in his room, listening. I could hear little boy snoring, peeked under the bed, and there he was, sound asleep. Amazing.

Now the 6 year old is the same way. That kid can sleep anywhere and through anything. During Christmas, some friends put on the Nativity Story (complete with manger). While the adults were playing the piano and very loudly singing Christmas carols, Kylie decided she was tired, crawled into the manger (which was outside), grabbed a blanket….and crashed. Adorable, but how in the world could she sleep? She’s infamous for falling asleep anywhere (including a very loud Halloween party complete with screaming noises and sugared up toddlers). Have you ever known a kid who will ask to be put to bed? That’s our girl!

This brings me to my oldest. That kid doesn’t sleep. Being the first child, perhaps I coddled her to much as an infant. I remember anxiously awaiting her to wake up so I could see her again. Ah, the good old days. She was rocked to sleep, nursed to sleep, and sung to sleep. And of course, any noise at nap time was met with an extremely cranky assault by an overprotective mother. No noise. As a result…she’s a pain to get to bed. She’ll stay up as late as you let her, and never naps. I’m the first child also, and I can guarantee my own mom was the same as me. My brother (the 2nd) can and does sleep anywhere, at any time. Alas, I'm an awful sleeper.

My lesson for new moms: Be noisy while your monsters sleep. I remember people telling me this, but at the time, a sleeping baby was a good thing and there was no way in hell I was going to do anything to jeopardize that precious quiet time. By the second and third, there was no such thing as quiet time!

And on that note, I need to go wake up the rugrats for school (of course the first is already up…the younger two are still sleeping). Case closed.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Introduction to the Motley Mom

Hi! I'm Deirdre --------->
While this is my first blog here, I'm not new to blogging. I've been on MySpace for awhile now, but this seems a little more "family friendly" ;) . I'm a proud mama to three little rugrats who keep me hopping daily. I've written several blogs on my crazy life and thought it might be appropriate to let you know how my days progress. So, grab some coffee, sit back, and enjoy the chaos.
Ramblings of a housewife........

After running amuck all morning, I'm a tad bit caffeine inebriated. I tend to ramble. There's your warning, prepare yourself :)

I've come to the conclusion that I may be a bit A.D.D. No laughing (okay, you can giggle a little). I have no attention span whatsoever....hey did you watch CSI last night... (okay, kidding). Seriously, I started out with such good intentions this morning. Sorted the laundry (whoo hoo me!). As I carried the laundry downstairs, I noticed that one of my wonderful youngens had left a tennis shoe dipped in dog crap on the stairs. Dropped the laundry on the stairs, grabbed the shoe. Headed outside to hose off the shoe. Got outside and realized WHY the kid had stepped in dog crap. Dropped the shoe and proceeded to scoop dog poop (and yes, it was the butt crack of dawn). Waved to the neighbors behind me who were probably wondering why in the hell this woman in her jammies was out scooping dog crap at 6 am…okay, so it was probably closer to 7. Noticed that packing peanuts were piled up around the garbage can outside as I threw the doggie doo in, dropped the shovel, picked up packing peanuts. Remembered I needed to ship a package and went back inside (shoe with poop is now on the back patio baking in the sun (eww), shovel is laying next to garbage, poop is still all over the yard). Got inside and the youngens were up (and crabby). Forgot about mailing package. Assured the little one that he was NOT going to die if he ate his bananas, gave the middle kid biscuits with jelly. Realized the dog needed to be fed (why? It's just going to create more poop all over the yard!). Headed to the pantry to get dog food. Noticed that the dishwasher was done. Never made it to the pantry. Opened the dishwasher, p.o.'d because half the freakin' dishes were filled with water and poured out the minute I opened it. Now my feet are wet. Went to get towel...which reminded me that I needed to do laundry. Dripped wet feet over to the stairs to collect laundry which was thrown haphazardly in every direction (apparently the littlest youngen decided it would be fun to toss dirty undies in every which direction). Start picking up laundry, and realize it's time for the school bus. Headed back upstairs (screw the laundry). Middle youngen is waiting at the top of the stairs. Jelly. Freakin' Jelly. Have you ever tried combing through a glop of strawberry jam nestled in a mop of blonde hair? It's like trimming the lawn with a weed whacker (don't ask how I know). Drag middle youngen into the bathroom to attack jelly glob. Notice older youngen looking for missing shoe. Abandon jelly laden middle youngen, head back downstairs (launching my oh so agile body over the mass of laundry), out the door to get shoe (still decorated in dog doo and now nicely sunbaked on). Decide I don't have time to scoop (although I know my neighbors were disappointed they didn't get to peek at the psycho poop scooping nightie wearing freak). Hose off shoe, head back in. Realized, hey, "I didn't have my coffee". Actually, I sort of shouted this causing my little one to startle and slip in the now puddled up water by the dishwasher. Consoled youngen. School bus drives by (we're not on it). Crap, now I have to drive them. Dog is hungry, middle youngen' is whining about jelly, oldest youngen is complaining about her shoe being wet (I had to get the dog crap off somehow!). Grab coffee, scoop youngest under arms, leave comb embedded in middle youngens hair, and drag all three to the car ("my shoooooeeee's wet", "you didn't take the comb out", "whine, whine, - that's the dog...who has yet to be fed). Drive kids to school ("I forgot my backpack"). Drive home, grab backpack, head back to school, and then back home. Try to dress youngest for pre-school and realize he has no clean undies (they're scattered like snowflakes around my dining room awaiting their well deserved visit to the ol' washing machine). He free balls it. Drive youngest to school. Come home...and wake up husband (who has amazingly slept through all the chaos...or just ignored us..probably the latter). Not so bright hubby says, "I don't know why you're so busy, we should get a nanny so you can get stuff done". No joke. Smack hubby, grab more coffee. Nothings done, house is trashed, package is not mailed, yard is full of crap, dog is whining. And it's only 9:30am. Welcome to my life.