Monday, November 23, 2009

Feeling Old!!

Okay, so at 34 I figured I would still be in my prime. I'm not yet 40, just a smidge past the 20' why do I feel so old? Maybe it's the fact that a friend of mine referred to herself as a "cougar wanting to tame a certain werewolf". Ack! Cougars at our age? Depressing. So rather than marinate in self pity, I decided to indulge my inner 20 year old day today. I dressed up in cute 20 something clothes, sassy boots with sassy heels, and even *gasp* a dollop of glitter eye liner. I neglected my laundry, skipped work...and focused on what makes me feel happy and young..."New Moon" (or rather, the hot cast of New Moon).

I've already blogged about my slight "Twilight" obsession (yes, I'm one of those irritating "Twi-hards"). I love it. Love the books, loved the movie. There's just something about passionate, forbidden romance that's appealing (well, and the fact that the main character absolutely smolders doesn't hurt). I've never been a "chick flick" kind of girl. Give me zombies and werewolves over sob stories and romance any day. But the Twilight saga did both...vampires, werewolves, AND romance. It suckered me in: hook, fang, and sinker.

On to my New Moon afternoon. The acting in the movie is hardly Oscar worthy. In fact, there's a few scenes that made me slightly nauseous with overindulgent cheesiness. Yet...I have the odd compulsion to see the movie again...and again...and again. So today, I satisfied my inner 20 year old and gave in to my selfish cravings. I went to the myself. I didn't feel weird, or geeky, just giddy. I wasn't alone in my obsession. On a Monday afternoon at 12:30, the theater was blissfully half full. There were other drooling moms and one rather large body building type dude (I'm assuming he didn't want his friends to know he watched "New Moon"). I'd already seen it, but found myself leaning forward in anticipation. I loved it more than the first time and found myself oogling the main characters with tweenish (is that an adjective?) delight. As I left the theater, I felt like what I'd imagine someone who is having an affair feels like. I tossed the movie theater stub, hid my soda cup, and then (insert air quotes here) "forgot" to mention my afternoon activity to my significant other (who, by the by, does NOT share my love for gorgeous undead men and well muscled werewolves).

Long story short, sometimes you just have to do what makes you happy. I left the theater happily satisfied (even though I suffered the realization that I must be getting old because I found Bella's dad curiously attractive). Sometimes, you just need a break from reality.

Tomorrow will be another story. Back to the grind, work, work, work, bills, laundry, children bickering, more work...the same old same old. But today, my inner 20 year old is happy.

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