Saturday, January 26, 2008

Heart Strings

I have recentely blogged about my frustration with my children (we've all been there). In light of that fact, I wanted to post a story to remind me (and you) why we do what we do. Watch out, this one will tug your heart strings.

I took the rugrats to McDonalds the other day. They like to play at the play place. There were a ton of kids running amuck, it was very busy. One little girl caught my eye. She was a tiny thing, probably only about 2. She had very little hair, a fact most of the other kids noticed, she looked different. She had Down’s Syndrome. Kids can be cruel. I always try to impress upon my own kids that it’s never okay to make fun of someone for being different, ever. Some of the kids (not my own), were giggling at the little girl (who laughed along with them). There were a few kids that were teasing her, and it tore at my heart . My 6 year old, watched all of this from our seat. Without a word, she got up and went to play. She played for awhile, and no doubt noticed the other kids being cruel. She bent down and said something to the little girl, and the little girl smiled, she then got up, walked over to the little girl’s mom and says, “You have a beautiful daughter”. It brings tears to my eyes. The mom smiled and said, “Thank you honey, you’re a beautiful little girl too”. Kylie said, “Thank you”, smiled and went on her way. I have no doubt that that was exactly what the mom needed. And for me, it reminded me that while so many times I feel like I’m not being a good mother, I must be doing something right to raise such a kind hearted little girl.

Now go grab your kleenex ;)



Andrea said...

You've raised that girl right Dre!

Wendy said...

So, after the tears that flowed from reading it on the board I had to come here and read it again. Hey I wanna be on your friends list.

The Hawkins Family said...

Hi Dre!!
such a sweetie you have!

Melany said...

What a sweet little girl.