Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cabin Fever

Okay, so having been stuck in the house since Monday, I could see how ye' old pioneers would go crazy and eat their children. So I'd never eat my kids (they're a bit on the scrawny side, that and they're puking at the moment…ewww), I absolutely am going nuts! You'd think being stuck at home for three days straight, I'd get a lot accomplished. Not so. Inactivity breeds boredom. I find myself dabbling in new bath and body recipes (hmm…what happens when I add massive amounts of bubbling powder to massive amounts of cocoa butter (for the record, gross, don't do it)! I've spent unbelievable amounts of time on the computer (I'll pretend it was for work, but let's just say I caught up on about 1000 emails). That's productive right? I'm still trying to figure out who the person is that keeps trying to chat with me on Yahoo. They're very persistent…but I don't know who they are, LOL. It's gotta be someone I know, but I don't recognize the name, so I refuse to chat…but I don't want to be mean and deny them…so I just close the window…and it will inevitably pop back up, LOL. A little game to amuse me in my time of need.

And heaven forbid anyone call me…I'll talk your frickin' ear off, LOL. Serious. Don't call unless you have two hours to kill. I've probably taken 20 bubble baths (see, I was productive, I mastered my bubble bath bombs and I'm probably the cleanest chick for 20 miles!). I caught up on my celebrity gossip (it's exhausting trying to figure out who's in rehab this month!). In short, my week so far has been a complete loss. I'm debating a wild and crazy happy hour Friday to make up for my week of boredom (except that my favorite happy hour enabler has company in town….crap). Now what do I do? Maybe I'll go by myself, LOL. Yipee…happy hour for one. See, I told you I have cabin fever, I'm delirious!

What the hell did the pioneers do? No email, no phone, no bubble baths, no happy hour? OMG! No wonder they snacked on their children. I bet it would've been a different world if they had had bubble powder and cocoa butter to amuse them. Then again, they may have just washed and moisturized their children before eating them ;)

I know you are just so exhilarated to have wasted a good 15 minutes of your life reading my rambling and quite pointless blog. Go take a bubble bath, it'll cheer ya up.

D (who promises not to eat her children)


Wendy said...

Dre--dont eat the might need them later. Too funny about the bubble powder though. I need a bubble bath, but who has the

Andrea said...

What is this...bubble bath?
Is that what will keep me from going crazy. I've never thought about actually eating my kids, but the big one's got some meat on him...